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Taochan Lishi Bajiquan

is a rare Chinese martial art and spiritual system. It combines internal and external martial arts, qigong, Taoist internal alchemy, and the Three Teachings (Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism). The system combines and reconciles these three bedrock philosophies into one physical practice. With its emphasis on a meditative low walk, strong stances, constantly circling arms, and deep breathing, Bajiquan rapidly improves health, agility, balance, and vigor.

Graphics Calligraphy Copyright—Lee Chih Chang and Pearl Weng Liang Huang.

Bajiquan website, Bajiquan original text translation, symbols, calligraphy and Huang Family Photographs- Copy right – Pearl Weng Liang Huang

Research and teaching material text, demo photos and videos- copy right Deng Ming Dao